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Success Story: HMT transforms their HR and ditches the paperwork

Kelsie Scully  |  11 May, 2015

HMT is a leading independent adviser in the UK specialising in corporate finance, audit, tax and advisory for ambitious entrepreneurial businesses. Located in the South East of England, HMT currently has a growing staff of 33 employees and needed an HR solution that streamlined their admin processes.

Before transferring their HR admin to breatheHR, Emma Clarke, the Personal Assistant in charge of HR at HMT, had to maintain a hard copy of everything in personnel files. Emma told us that recording sickness and updating files “all felt a bit disjointed.”

Because we wanted to see how HMT was transitioning from their paper-based HR processes, we reached out to Emma to see how she was getting along with the system.

Why HMT chose breatheHR
According to Emma, the main reason HMT chose breatheHR is because the system “nicely puts everything together.” Emma finds the system really organised and said that “it’s brilliant having everything HR related in one place.”

Main benefits HMT has experienced since using breatheHR
Aside from having everything stored in one system, HMT has particularly enjoyed having a seamless holiday approval process. According to Emma “We especially love the holiday approval system on breatheHR and how you can view the company holiday calendar so you know who is off around the same time as this is something that we did not previously have in place at our firm.”

HMT has fully embraced using breatheHR as their HR system and has moved away from their paper-based system. According to Emma, “breatheHR has really transformed the way in which our HR function works and has been very much warmly welcomed by all staff.”

Want to see for yourself how easy to is to move your HR process online?

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