For your team, the work Christmas party is one of the most anticipated work-related get-togethers of the year. It is the perfect opportunity, at the close of the year, for businesses to come together to reflect on their success and reward their staff for all of the hard work they have put in. It is this celebration, combined with the relief that the year is over and the festive spirit that means the office Christmas party never fails to disappoint. 

Here are 10 things that you can guarantee will go down at your office Christmas party this year.

1. Someone will misinterpret the dress code

and they will never live it down.

misinterpret the dress code.gif

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2. Someone will think they can dance

Free flowing alcohol and cheesy pop hits are a potent combination

dancing office party.gif

3. Someone will drink too much and be sick...


being sick.gif

4. The quiet one will let their hair down

This is the one night of the year they really let loose and they have an absolute ball!



5. Someone will shout shots...

Usually the generous and happy drunk who wants everyone to feel the love.


Throw a work Christmas party that your staff will remember and not regret.


6. There will be lots of unflattering Snapchat stories

but don't worry no one can be bothered to sit through 2 minutes of you and your colleagues singing/screaming Christmas songs

team selfie.gif

7. Someone will tell the MD how the company should actually be run


tells you how to do your job.jpg

8. Somebody will cry

There's no harm in that apart from it might be embarrassing the next time you face your colleagues.


9. Someone will refuse to dance

But they'll still get dragged onto the dancefloor and feel compelled to stay there until the end of the song, dancing to pretend they're enjoying themselves.

doesn't want to dance.gif

10. Someone will have a sneaky kiss

That they will inevitably regret in the morning along with their horrendous hangover

sneaky kiss.png

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