digital_fibre_chose_simple_HR_software_for_their_small_business_1Digital Fibre is a Hertfordshire-based company providing employee recognition software and services to help businesses bring their company values to life. Digital Fibre was founded in 2003 and currently employs 8 members of staff.

When Torstein Sørlid, Director of Digital Fibre, first considered an HR system for his small business, he was not very confident that he would find a solution to meet his company's needs. Torstein told us that he was frustrated with most of the HR software systems available to small companies: "Having left a large group of companies to paddle our own canoe we were used to vast, clunky HR systems that had tons of bells & whistles that were mostly never needed, restrictions around what could / couldn't be done, access only via certain browsers etc. etc." 

However, Digital Fibre was able to find an online HR management system that met his needs after trialling breatheHR and is pleased that the system has continued to meet his needs over the years. According to Torstein, "This was almost two years ago now and we've not looked back!" 


Why Digital Fibre chose breatheHR

Torstein told us that he was frustrated with the HR software systems available to smaller companies, so when he discovered breatheHR, he said it was "a massive relief as not only does [breatheHR] do everything we want it to (and more, but not so much more that we get lost in it!), it was also keenly priced!"

Torstein told us that the set up process was also incredibly simple and that he has continually been impressed with how straightforward the system is. According to Torstein, "I don't think we've ever needed to contact Support, which again is a testimony to how simple and intuitive the system is to use!" 


Main benefits Digital Fibre has experienced since using breatheHR

breatheHR has provided Digital Fibre with the functionality the company needs to get things done quickly. According to Torstein, "It's so easy to use that it's cut down the admin time massively. It's also very simple to see at a glance who will be on holiday, rather than having to check individual calendars." To top it off, employees have loved using the system: "They all love it! It's very clear and easy to navigate. I haven't heard a single complaint, despite the fact that we are also a cloud software development company."


In summary, Torstein has been really pleased with the way breatheHR has continued to service his needs over the years. Torstein told us, "I cannot recommend BreatheHR enough! The features available for the very low price are simply astounding - and the development team is not sitting on their laurels but keep adding value to the platform on a regular basis. I have already suggested this system to several of my contacts and will continue to do so."


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