‘Know your customer’ is one of those values that is often rolled out in strategy documents and on About Us web pages. As an online software company it’s all too easy to become aloof and distant from customers so when we set about agreeing our company strategy for the coming year I was determined to bring it to life.

If we’re to support our customers in creating engaged and inspired teams then we have to really understand what they need from us. The only way to achieve this is to get out from behind our laptops and meet them – shock horror, talk with customers!

Last week Gareth & I took a trip to visit Dan May, Commercial Director at ramsac, who is a long time friend and advocate for breatheHR. Ramsac are an independent IT company who really live their commitment to ‘make IT simple’ for their clients. I’ve huge respect for the way ramsac is run so meeting with Dan is always a pleasure. This time Dan totally blew me away with how they’re using our online HR software to manage their people and how it has enabled their HR processes to become paperless.

Dan can explain it better than me:

"ramsac became a paperless business a couple of years ago, and breatheHR has been an important part of that transformation. We no longer hold any paper based HR records. Everything we need is recorded in breatheHR and that’s had a big impact on how easy it is for our management team to access files from wherever they happen to be working.
Additionally we’ve made our new starter process paperless too. We used to send out a three inch thick folder of new starter documentation, but now we simply create a new starter in breatheHR, ensure they are set up with the appropriate company documents (such as staff handbook, health and safety documents etc) and then upload their offer letter and contract in to their personal documents section. We then email a new starter with their login details to breatheHR, and simply ask them to login, sign their contract and upload a scanned copy, update their personal details, next of kin information, bank details etc, and we are all set.
I estimate this process has saved about an hour of time per new starter, as well as giving a really slick first impression for new colleagues, and of course, saving a rainforest or two along the way!"

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