Select Appointments, based in East Anglia, is part of the UK wide Select Recruitment franchise business. From the four offices in East Anglia the business offers a recruitment service for employers and job seekers that specialise in Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial and Technical sectors. The business was established in 1980 and currently has 40 employees. Before breatheHR, Select had a complicated holiday approval process. 

Geoff Bond, Marketing Manager at Select, explained that the holiday approval process was "long winded" and complicated.  When we asked Geoff to explain the process, he explained that there were several stages a request had to go through in an attempt to maintain adequate coverage across all four sites. The multi-stage approval process required a new spreadsheet to be created at each level. It was very easy for information to contradict other holiday approver’s spreadsheets and for employees to want to make changes to a request, thus causing the process to start all over again.  

In a search for a better way to manage requests, Select found breatheHR, which proved to be an even better solution for them because the system provided a complete HR package.

Select has been using breatheHR since January 2013, so we wanted to see how they were able to simplify their multi-stage holiday approval process.


Why Select chose breatheHR

Geoff told us that choosing breatheHR was an easy decision. Select sought out a solution for their holidays, but were pleased to find a system that did so much more. He explained, "When looking at the market place for a suitable system - breatheHR jumped out as a simple system for employees to use and for us to implement. Being web based meant we needed no input from IT or complicated setup process. There is nothing to download and there is no downtime when updates are made. The layout of the dashboard, ease of report generating and cost were also an attraction."


Main benefits Select has experienced since using breatheHR

According to Geoff, breatheHR has provided Select with a secure, organised and central location for all their HR needs. Geoff told us that he was really impressed with breatheHR’s ability to turn something very complicated into something that is simple and easy to use. Geoff is proud to say: "We are now delivering a better HR service to our employees, we are more efficient in this area and more time is spent in reviewing reports as opposed to creating them. New employees are impressed we have such a system in place and gives us an immediate credibility." According to Geoff, new employees often say “That is a really good system. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

As for the holiday process that once required a multi-stage approval process and inaccurate documentation? That's a thing of the past according to Geoff.  "With the simple self service holiday request and approval system breatheHR removed these time consuming processes for everyone involved. Anyone can now get live, accurate reports any time they wish."

Select has now empowered their employees and managers with the ability to see who is in and out across all their 4 sites in East Anglia. This has cut down massively on employees making requests that are likely to be denied due to coverage shortages. The visibility across the company has also enabled Select to remove the multi-stage approval process – now the only one who has to approve the request is the employee’s line manager.


Select employees reaction to breatheHR introduction

The introduction of breatheHR at Select was a positive experience. The setup process was simple, and Geoff told us that they were able to import "a lot of historical data from spreadsheets we already had and setting up users was very straightforward." When the HR software was rolled out to employees, breatheHR was really well received. According to Geoff, "Our team love the system - no more waiting for holiday approval and they can instantly see what they have available. Employees can see when other team members are on holiday or off sick and new starters can view the company directory (which contains photographs of each employee) to get to know their new colleagues and to understand the organisation’s structure. breatheHR also makes updating of personal information very easy. "


Geoff has been really pleased with the introduction of breatheHR at Select. He told us, "breatheHR is a great product - it delivers a professional robust solution whilst offering a personal friendly support service." Geoff has also been impressed with how stable and innovative breatheHR has been: “There is no down time when updates are made.”  Geoff summarised his experience with breatheHR as: “Go online and job done.”


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