The rise of technology, changing legislation and social media all continue to revolutionise and redefine the wonderful world of HR in the UK. It’s important to stay on top of all the current issues and changes within the industry to ensure you’re doing the best you can for your people and stay compliant.

A recent survey conducted by breatheHR has found out exactly what is playing on the minds of business owners and HR managers when it comes to managing HR within their companies right now.  

The survey found that the top five HR trends that are on company’s radars right now are:

  • Training – 13%
  • Recruitment – 12%
  • Use of technology – 11%
  • Employee Engagement – 11%
  • Pension auto enrolment – 10%


It is promising to see that businesses are recognising that training is an important aspect of HR as previous research has shown that nearly one half of UK SMEs are neglecting their staff development. This focus on development and career progression is vital for attracting and retaining the right staff as above all other elements, this is what potential candidates look for in a new role.

Likewise, smaller companies (with up to 50 employees) currently view use of technology as their highest HR priority. This is possibly because, with fewer employees, they know that they can greatly benefit from using technology but don’t necessarily have the knowledge or skillset to make it work for them.

Not surprisingly, Brexit (3%) and pension auto enrolment (8%) are playing on the minds of HR professionals. The uncertainty around Brexit and its forthcoming potential legislation changes have left the business world at a bit of a standstill, with many unsure on what Britain’s exit from the EU is going to mean for them. Equally, auto enrolment is a hot topic as it is something that many companies are having to get to grips with due to the changing legislation.

Trends are constantly changing and its important to remain on top of the developments to stay current in your HR industry. Has your company got a different focus to do with HR at the moment? Comment below to let us know what’s on your radar.

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