Mobile technology already dominates our method of communication and how we consume information. With millennials tipping the generational scale and becoming the majority workforce, the dependency on technology in the workplace is continuing and will continue to revolutionise and dictate the way that we work in this modern and tech-friendly world that we are creating for ourselves. 

As company’s workforces become more mobile, it is only appropriate that core functions that support these companies must also become mobile. HR is one such function that can benefit from becoming mobile and there is evidence to suggest that HR professionals are recognising this. A survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers revealed that 44% are using cloud, or SaaS (Software as a Service), systems for their core HR functions opening up the ability to be mobile.

HR can take full advantage of this widespread mobile technology use by building a bridge from the needs of employees to company policies. Here are just a few ways that mobilising your HR function is the best thing for your employees and ultimately your company:

New Call-to-actionEmpowering your employees

Successful organisations should recognise the significance that empowering their employees can have on business and utilising mobile devices is a guaranteed way of doing this. Seeing as the majority of us are constantly plugged in, making HR mobile allows your employees to connect with it when they choose to, not when you tell them that they have to and really, if it’s mobile they have more opportunities to!

Instant access to information

One of the key benefits that employees will gain from mobilising HR is having instant access to information. Ere Media insists that by giving employees instant access to information it provides them with a sense of control. We know that mobile technology is the way to consume information and what more important information do you need access to, as a worker, than your salary, sickness, holiday allowances and company documents? Checking what’s going on within HR could become a daily habit of theirs, just the same as checking their social media.

Makes completing HR tasks easier

Have you ever been in this position? You see a great deal on a holiday that you want to book, but you’re going to have to wait until Monday to submit your holiday request. Then you’re going to have to wait days for it to be approved, by which time the deal is finished and your dreams of sunning it on the beach have set over the horizon. Yep, that sucks!

What if you could log in to your HR system on your phone, see a central company holiday calendar to ensure no one else is off at the same time as you, then submit your holiday request there and then? You then come into work on Monday to find your manager has already approved it = holiday booked + one happy employee off on their hols!

The thing that all of these aspects have in common is that they increase engagement between the employee and the HR function within their company. This means that by being engaged and having the opportunity for a self-service feature within a mobile HR function, ultimately the HR team can also reap benefits. They save time that might be spent chasing up or encouraging their employees to become engaged with the system and can put the onus on the employees to update their personal information, which takes admin tasks away from them.

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