HR_software_saves_Onefile_hours_on_HR_adminOneFile is a Manchester-based eportfolio software provider that builds, hosts and manages software applications for the training and education sectors. OneFile was founded in 2002 and currently employs 51 staff members. Prior to breatheHR, OneFile had a complicated paper-based HR system in place.  

Grace Chatten, Head of Human Resources at OneFile, said that she joined OneFile at a time when the company needed a committed HR professional.  Grace shared that the major challenges her company faced was "too many different folder structures supporting an HR system and a lot of paper."

OneFile has been using breatheHR since February 2014 as a part of their company mission to replace paperwork with technology, so we reached out to them to see how breatheHR has helped them achieve their goal. 


Why OneFile chose breatheHR

Grace said she was interested in finding an online software solution:  "We are a technology business and seeking a software solution was a natural step for us. I was working towards Investors in People and really wanted to drive HR forward in way that is easy to manage and shape as the business grows. breatheHR allowed me to provide a 'self-service' piece of HR software allowing me to focus on other HR priorities. Time and resources were always against me before it's introduction."

Grace told us it was easy to be attracted to breatheHR and went on to explain: "Believe me, I reviewed a lot of options. breatheHR looked clean and fresh, was very easy to navigate and supported by great people. It's about the whole package for me. The people behind the product have made it what it is. The functionality for an SME has been just what we need and is growing just as we are."  

Another major factor that attracted Grace to breatheHR was the support team and the setup process, which she described as "Faultless." Grace explained, "I was allowed free trials, demonstrations, the opportunity to ask unlimited questions (no matter how daft they may have been at times) and a whole host of support in setting up. The setup was next to no time at all. I understood the system because I had been given demonstrations and opportunities to play around myself so logging in and getting started was no issue at all. Anyone can use it intuitively."

Grace described the support team at breatheHR as being truly amazing and invaluable: "Whether you prefer to pick up the phone or use the online help, the staff at breatheHR are second to none. Never judging your queries and always helping out however they can. The Managing Director is passionate and committed to his people and the ethos of the company shines through all the support that is given to customers, including me."


Main benefits OneFile has experienced since using breatheHR

Grace explained that breatheHR has really simplified HR for her and the team at OneFile. According to Grace, "The main benefits to us include being 'Investors in People', saving time in administrative tasks, empowering our people to 'self-serve' and drive HR through a forward thinking system that grows just as we do." Introducing the HR system to her team was also a very smooth transition. Grace shared, "Our staff love the system: they can make requests online, without having to print and complete forms, they know what's going on in the business, they know who each other is when the first join, as they can see everyone's faces in the directory. It's great. The staff (across a diverse range) all took to breatheHR really easily. Everyone realises how much time and effort this HR solution has saved. It also supports our innovation and technology driven business values."


Overall, Grace has been thoroughly pleased with her decision to use breatheHR. When reflecting on her HR woes prior to breatheHR, Grace stated, "I'm so grateful to the team behind the product that removed these barriers for me."  According to Grace, "Our report after Investors in People assessment cited breatheHR as an excellent tool for supporting our business."  


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