Fusion Media Networks is an Essex-based Ethernet connectivity and Managed Network independent provider servicing UK and European companies. Fusion currently employs 14 staff members and was founded in 2004. Prior to breatheHR, Fusion had a disjointed and fragmented HR process in place that became even more difficult to manage when their Office Manager left on short notice.  

Nick Austin, Project and Provisions Manager at Fusion, who was given the task of finding an HR solution stated, "We were left with a large whole in our admin systems, simple tasks like recording and coordinating staff leave became very hard to manage. We lacked a central place to keep all our staff information, log overtime, expenses and manage sickness."

Since Fusion has been using breatheHR for a little over six months, we caught up with Nick to see how breatheHR has helped Fusion. 


Why Fusion chose breatheHR

Nick stated, "After a lot of hours looking at different options from using excel, shared calendars in outlook to expensive bespoke software solutions (neither actually did what we needed) breatheHR stood out from the other web-based solutions. breatheHR seemed to offer everything we needed straight off the shelf, without the need to add on other modules that increased the complexity and price."


Main benefits Fusion has experienced since using breatheHR

Being stressed for time, Fusion is thrilled with how simple breatheHR has proved to be. According to Nick, "Setup took minutes! We're an IT company so the web stuff was straight forward but you don't need any special skills to set things up. I believe we had it up and running within 30 minutes and adding in all our staff details was quick and simple. We purchased the service and had it set up with all our staff details entered and staff actually using it within about 4 hours."

Nick has also appreciated how user-friendly breatheHR is and the staff have welcomed the self-service functionality. Nick stated, "Staff have been impressed with the simple and clean interface, the mobile app has proved popular for reporting sickness and booking holiday." 

Nick also shared with us that breatheHR has saved them thousands of dollars, and the time log and expense reports have been really useful. breatheHR has also improved communication and added clarity to the organisation. According to Nick, "Using the company documents features means we can communicate officially with some or all employees quickly."


Nick has been thrilled with his decision to introduce breatheHR into his organisation, and is looking to introduce more of breatheHR's functionality into his company's processes. Nick stated, "My next task is to set up our staff with objectives and deliverables, then we'll be able use breatheHR for all our staff performance management and yearly reviews."


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